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How it Works

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             Cassie and Simba
Call or email us to get things started.
  • We'll meet with you and your dog at your place.
  • You'll tell us about your dog.
  • Your dog will check us out.
  • We'll ask a bunch of questions to make sure we know what we need to know about your dog's health and temperament.
  • We'll tailor a work out regimen specific for your dog.
  • No charge for this visit.

Exercise sessions

  • Our exercisers pick up your dog at your home and drive her to a local park for an hour long session, then bring her home.
  • Kayla will exercise your dog for the first couple of sessions.
  • She will get a good handle on your dog's condition, likes and dislikes, reaction to different stimuli.
  • Your dog will have a blast exploring different parks, woods and streams while getting an excellent workout.
  • When another exerciser gets to work with your dog, we'll tell you and you can meet them if you wish.  
  • Kayla will go with a new exerciser and your dog on their first session and get them off on the right paw.

Cardio Canine Journal

  • We'll give you a Cardio Canine Journal  
  • A note is written in the journal after every session.
  • Tells you where we took your dog and what fun stuff we did.
  • We'll alert you to any health issues or concerns.
  • Good place for you to write notes for us.
  • The Cardio Canine Journal becomes a great record of your dog's adventures and any health changes.                

     How WELL it Works      

Cassie and Simba after a Cardio Canine session
Cody and Louis after a Cardio Canine session
Fannie needed a break
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