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Do you really run for the full hour?

Rarely.  There aren't many dogs who truly want to just run for the full hour.  Dogs find that to be pretty boring.  For a dog in good shape, we keep the cardio level high with a mix of hiking, running, swimming, chasing stuff - for about 50 minutes.  The rest of the hour is spent on warm up, water breaks, cool down and TLC.   Of course we are constantly monitoring your dog to make sure the exercise level is right for him.

And yes - if your dog really does want to run for the full hour and can handle it, we'll do that. 

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I have a puppy and/or a senior dog; can I use your services?

Yes!  Responding to client requests, Cardio Canine offers one full hour of love and attention for Puppies and Senior Dogs. The activity level is tailored to puppies' growing bones and muscles and to Senior dogs' slower pace but active mind. No matter the age or health issues, ALL dogs benefit from this type of hour long, individualized care and attention.

For Puppies younger than 3 months, we offer a PuppEase program to help ease your puppy into your family.  Puppies should not go to public areas before they have all of their vaccines, therefore we tailor our activities appropriately. Every interaction with your puppy teaches them something, so we make sure they are learning good behavior during their sessions with us. Contact us and we'll figure something out that works for you and your pup!

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What if my dog is out of shape and overweight?

You're not alone.   The statistics for overweight dogs rival those for overweight people.  We both know weighing too much is bad for your dog's heart, joints, liver, skin, coat, you name it. It causes unnecessary pain and health complications.

The worst part?  Chances are your best buddy won't be with you as long as he could be.

We can help.  We'll require that you talk to your vet, and we'd love to talk with your vet also.  We will tailor sessions specifically for your dog - starting out slowly - still with a trip to the park, but an easy stroll with lots of sniffing the new smells, hanging out under a shade tree.  Slowly build up to a higher level of exercise.  Three Cardio Canine sessions per week will make a difference.

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What about lousy weather?

Most dogs love the rain, snow, wind, you name it - and so do we.  We're out there in the mud, muck, rain, sleet, snow,  wind, cold, hot and humid. 

However, safety is our number 1 concern.  We don't exercise dogs outside during extreme heat, high wind, lightening, extreme ice, or immediately after deep snow (before trails have been made). 

If we determine that the weather conditions are not conducive for a safe hour of outdoor exercise, your dog will have a fun but short outside session and spend the rest of the hour on indoor activities.  We have some great games of hide and seek and may teach your dog some new tricks.  We will take your dog outside again at the end of the session for another bathroom break.  

Our entry in your Cardio Canine journal will explain our decision and what fun stuff your dog did inside that day.

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Do you train dogs?

We have a strong working knowledge of behavioral issues and training techniques, and dogs respond well to us.  We are not professional dog trainers, but 'training' often takes place during our sessions as the dogs learn what we expect.  They realize that we mean what we say and that good behavior leads to all kinds of fun stuff.

When we complete our indepth questionnaire at our initial meeting, we will cover any issues your dog may have. If you'd like, we will work on specific issues such as leash training.  We've also taught a number of dogs how to swim!  If we become aware of behavioral problems as we work with your dog, we will bring them to your attention and make recommendations to address the issue.   

Do you do morning and evening visits when I'm away on vacation?
Our specialty is providing true exercise for dogs.  We don't do the morning/evening type visits when you are out of town.  We can help you find regular pet sitters for this purpose.  

Clients often ask us for 3 or 4 Cardio Canine sessions spaced throughout the week they are away.  This can occur whether your dog is staying at your home with a pet sitter, or in a kennel.  Your dog will be less likely to get into trouble when she has a chance to have a change of scenery and burn up some energy. 

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Are you insured?  
Yes, we are fully insured and bonded.
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Why do your sessions cost more than other dog walkers' sessions?
  • We offer very different services.
  • Tailored adventures vs. basic potty breaks/walks.
  • 4x more actual exercise time.
  • Mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Knowledgeable, trustworthy adventure companions. 
  • Your dog gets to do what dogs love to do.
  • Clients say our fees are extremely reasonable considering how their dogs respond to our services.

Regular dog walkers provide a valuable service for families who are not at home for a length of time.  A bathroom break midday is a must. 

Consider using Cardio Canine 2 or 3 times during the work week, and a regular dog walker the remaining days.  That number of sessions with us seems to do the trick to keep your dog happy, tired and remembering his good behavior. 

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